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Reality Is Not Limited To The Perception That We Commonly Use
T S about

We are a Berlin-based and globally operating artist agency in the field of electronic music. Our mission is to empower artists to unlock their full potential and connect with communities globally while building a remarkable organisation and team that attracts, inspires, and nurtures exceptional talent. We are united in our passion for music and committed to working with a wide range of artists. Our expertise lies in growing careers while also establishing the next generation of influential talent. We aim to make meaningful contributions to the communities we operate in and to build long-lasting and sustainable relationships with our partners.

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T S contact

Temporary Secretary TS GmbH

Blücherstraße 22, 10961 Berlin, Germany

+49 30 233 207 830


Amtsgericht | Local Court: Berlin-Charlottenburg HRB 180220 B

USt.-ID | VAT no.: DE308086834

Geschäftsführer / Director: Simon Zoghlami

T S responsibility

We take an active approach in fulfilling our organisational responsibilities. Recognising the inherent reliance on travel within our industry, we are committed to actively mitigate our environmental impact. In collaboration with the NGO Vereint fuer Waelder e.V., we have established a dedicated climate contribution initiative in partnership with Project Washu. Through the three pillars of climate awareness, climate contribution and climate action we hope to make a positive contribution to the environment and our industry.

We also contribute regularly throughout the year to support causes that resonate with our team and our artists.